Enter administrative appointments:
Mark the desired appointment area and choose a reason for the appointment."; $txt["Add_User"] = "Add user/customer"; $txt["Add_User_Done"] = "User/customer has been added to the database"; $txt["Add_User_Text"] = "Here you can enter customers manually into the database, provided that the customer hasn't already been entered. The script checks this by comparing the e-mail addresses. Each e-mail address may only occur once in the database. Last name and e-mail are mandatory fields.

A database entry produces a password that you can send to your customer by e-mail. Alternatively, the user has the opportunity to have the password sent from the login area. To do this he or she must state his or her last name and e-mail address."; $txt["app_form_field"] = "Fields for appointment database information"; $txt["app_form_field_Description"] = "In the following section you can define the form fields, the contents of which are stored in the appointment database. Using this data, you can ask your customer for information particular to the appointment."; $txt["App_Duration"] = "Duration"; $txt["App_Edited"] = "The appointment data has been updated."; $txt["App_Length"] = "The appointment lasts until"; $txt["App_Not_Free"] = "The appointment has already been taken"; $txt["App_Not_Saved"] = "The appointment could not be saved"; $txt["Appointment"] = "Appointment"; $txt["Appointment_Length"] = "Appointment length"; $txt["App_To_Long"] = "This appointment overlaps with the following appointment or with close of business. Please choose another one."; $txt["App_Reserved"] = "The appointment has been reserved."; $txt["Back"] = "Back"; $txt["Backward"] = "<< Back"; // At this point you can add HTML code for an image file. Please remember that you must escape from the forward slashes (). $txt["Back_To_Details"] = "Back to record details"; $txt["Back_To_Overview"] = "Back to the week overview"; $txt["Birthdate"] = "Date of birth:
DD.MM.YYYY"; $txt["Birth_Date"] = "Birthday e-mails for: "; $txt["Birthdate_Dont_Match"] = "Invalid date format: Date of birth (e.g. 06.12.1984, DD.MM.YYYY)"; $txt["Capacity"] = "Area"; $txt["Capacity_Active"] = "Active"; $txt["Cap_Active_Description"] = "Appointment areas can be temporarily deactivated. These areas are then not then shown to visitors. Please remember that links by HTML code in your Web site can connect to deactivated appointment areas in Organizer. In spite of deactivation the user will be able to book appointments for these appointment areas. You should remove these links."; $txt["Capacity_Code"] = "HTML code"; $txt["Capacity_Code_Text"] = "You can add this code to another place in your Web site so that you can call up Organizer directly from there. Of course, you can also suitably enhance this code if you want Organizer to open in an extra window."; $txt["Capacity_Dropdown"] = "Show or hide capacity drop down"; $txt["Capacity_Dropdown_Text"] = "

When you call up Organizer using a link from your Web site, you may not need to display the drop down menus for different appointment areas. At this point you can show or hide the drop down menu indicator for the appointment areas.

Do you want to show the drop down menu?

"; $txt["Capacity_ID"] = "ID"; $txt["Capacity_Name"] = "Appointment area"; $txt["Capacity_Set"] = "Set appointment area"; $txt["Capacity_Text"] = "At this point you can set up several appointment planners for various employees or for a variety of areas within the company. You should define at least one area so that you can add other appointment areas later on without problems."; $txt["Cap_Send"] = "Select appointment area"; $txt["Check_All"] = "Select all"; $txt["Choose_Other_App"] = "Choose another appointment"; $txt["City"] = "City"; $txt["Comment"] = "Comment"; $txt["Confirm_App"] = "Confirm appointment"; $txt["Close_Window"] = "Close window"; $txt["Customers_App_List"] = "Appointment list for this customer"; $txt["Customer_Deleted"] = "The customer(s) has/have been deleted from the database."; $txt["Customer_Edited"] = "The customer information has been updated."; $txt["Customers_Name"] = "Customer's name"; $txt["Customers_Number"] = "Customer number"; $txt["cust_form_field"] = "Fields for the data in the customer database"; $txt["cust_form_field_Description"] = "In the following section you can define the form fields, the contents of which are stored in the customer database. Using this data you can ask the customer for customer information.

Preset form fields that cannot be edited are: Name, Password, E-mail and Date of birth. These fields appear automatically in the form dependent on your settings."; $txt["Database_Search"] = "Database search"; $txt["Date"] = "Date"; $txt["Datum"] = "Appointment"; $txt["Day_Time"] = "Time"; $txt["Delete"] = "Delete"; $txt["Details"] = "Details"; $txt["Do_Save_Template"] = "Warning! An e-mail template has not yet been saved. Please save the template."; $txt["Email"] = "E-mail"; $txt["Email_Format"] = "Please check your e-mail address (incorrect format)."; $txt["Email_On_The_Way"] = "Your message is on its way to us.
You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your appointment."; $txt["Email_Template_Admin_Title"] = "Edit the e-mail template for the operator's e-mail"; $txt["Email_Template_Admin_Description"] = "The text in the text field below will be used as a template for an e-mail to the operator."; $txt["Email_Template_Admin2_Title"] = "Edit the e-mail template for the second operator's e-mail"; $txt["Email_Template_Admin2_Description"] = "The text in the text field below will be used as a template for the second e-mail to the operator."; $txt["Email_Template_Customer_Title"] = "Edit the e-mail template for the confirmation e-mail to the customer."; $txt["Email_Template_Customer_Description"] = "The text in the text field below will be used as a template for the confirmation e-mail to the customer."; $txt["Error"] = "Error"; $txt["Fill_Out_Form"] = "Please complete the following field: "; $txt["Finish"] = "Close of business"; //This field may be left blank (in this case, just enter   ) $txt["Following_App_Added"] = "The following appointment(s) has/have been added."; $txt["Following_App_Deleted"] = "The following appointment(s) has/have been deleted."; $txt["Following_Errors_Occured"] = "The following errors have occurred"; $txt["Foreward"] = "Forward >>"; // At this point you can also add the HTML code for an image file. Please remember that you must escape from the quotation marks (). $txt["Field_Active"] = "Active"; $txt["Field_Active_Description"] = "Form fields can be temporarily deactivated. The visitor will not be shown these fields."; $txt["Field_Content"] = "Field content"; $txt["Field_Content_Description"] = "In the event that you would like to provide the visitor with predefined form content, you can enter it in this field."; $txt["Field_Deleted"] = "The form field has been deleted"; $txt["Field_Type_Select_Description"] = "If you want to create a select menu, you can determine the items available for selection in the drop down menu or the radio buttons by typing them into the field as a list, separated by semi-colons. (E.g. hair colour: red;brunette;blond;black) "; $txt["Field_Marker"] = "Field marker"; $txt["Field_Name"] = "Field name"; $txt["Field_Need_Filled_In"] = "Mandatory"; $txt["Field_Need_Filled_In_Description"] = "These fields must be completed by the customer; otherwise the form cannot be submitted."; $txt["Field_Popup"] = "Pop up"; $txt["Field_Popup_Description"] = "At this point you can define what information should be shown in the pop up window (applies to the event list and the detail view)."; $txt["Field_Type"] = "Field type"; $txt["Field_Type_Text"] = "Single line field"; $txt["Field_Type_Textarea"] = "Multi-line field"; $txt["Field_Type_Select"] = "Select (drop down) menu"; $txt["First_Name"] = "First name"; $txt["First_name"] = "First name"; $txt["Glance"] = "Browse"; $txt["Go"] = "Go!"; $txt["Hour"] = "Hour"; $txt["Info"] = "Info"; $txt["Install_Call_Default"] = "Restore default settings"; $txt["Install_Check_Entries"] = "One or more errors have occurred. The tables could not be set up properly. Please go back
and check your entries (capitalization, password etc.)."; $txt["Install_Created"] = "Has been set up"; $txt["Install_Default_Capacity"] = "Default appointment area"; $txt["Install_Delete_Db"] = "Delete tables"; $txt["Install_Finished"] = "Congratulations, the tables have been set up successfully. Please edit the file
'inc/config.php' next by opening the file using a
text editor (Notepad, WordPad or other program on
your computer)."; $txt["Install_Finished_Link"] = "To appointment planner"; $txt["Install_Finished_Note"] = "Important note: Delete or rename the file 'install.php'. Otherwise unauthorised persons could access this file
and delete your data."; $txt["Install_Insert_Admin"] = "Admin entry"; $txt["Install_It"] = "Install"; $txt["Install_Not_Created"] = "could not be created"; $txt["Install_Rename_Db"] = "Rename tables"; $txt["Install_Rename_Delete"] = "Do you wish to delete or rename any existing tables for safety?"; $txt["Install_Special_Fields"] = "Additional configurations"; $txt["Id"] = "Cust. No."; $txt["Klick_For_Details"] = "For further details click here"; $txt["Last_Week"] = "Previous week"; $txt["Last_Name"] = "Last name"; $txt["Last_name"] = "Last name"; $txt["Load_Email_Default"] = "Discard this e-mail template and load the initial data (see right-hand side)."; $txt["Mail_Is_Out"] = "You will receive an e-mail confirmation containing all data."; $txt["Manuell_Customer"] = "Enter customer manually"; $txt["Name"] = "Name"; $txt["Name_Or_Number"] = "Please state the name OR the customer number. Back"; $txt["Need_Fillout_Description"] = "This field must be completed.
Fields "Date of birth", "Phone", "Address" - For New Clients Only
After filling all required information click the [Send] button below once, then you are done"; $txt["Next_Week"] = "Next week"; $txt["No"] = "No"; $txt["No_App_Selected"] = "You have not yet selected an appointment."; $txt["No_Entry_Found"] = "No matching entry has been found"; $txt["No_Cancel"] = "No, cancel"; $txt["No_Customer_Selected"] = "You have not yet selected a customer"; $txt["No_Double_App"] = "This appointment has already been booked. Please choose another one."; $txt["No_Double_Email"] = "The e-mail address already exists in the database. Presumably, there is already an entry in the database with your details. Please let your name and password be sent to you by e-mail so that you can use them."; $txt["No_Double_Email_Admin"] = "The e-mail address already exists in the database. Presumably, there is already an entry in the database with these details. Please check this using the customer list."; $txt["Note"] = "The grey-shaded fields are appointments that have already been booked, or are times that fall on weekends/after business hours."; $txt["Note_Name_Password"] = "*) You can / only need to enter your last name and password if you have arranged an appointment online once before.
"; $txt["Note_Name_Password"] .= "*) New Customers skip Last Name & Password fields and press confirm appointment button, you will be asked for personal information on the next page"; $txt["Note_Name_Reserve"] = "*) Only enter the name if the customer number is not available."; $txt["Note_Password_Change"] = "Tip: If you have changed the password, the next time you call up the week view, the login form will appear and you must login again."; $txt["Password_Dont_Match"] = "Password and password confirmation do not match!"; $txt["Password"] = "Password"; $txt["Password_Description"] = "For users who are not yet listed in the database a password will be generated automatically. If the user wishes to book his own appointments later, he or she must first allow the password to be sent to him or to her by e-mail"; $txt["Password_Mail_Subject"] = "Your access data at KatcoNet.com"; $txt["Password_One"] = "Password"; $txt["Password_Repeat"] = "Repeat password"; $txt["Passwort_Send_Done"] = "The password will be sent to you."; $txt["Password_Two"] = "Confirm password"; $txt["Phone"] = "Telephone"; $txt["Please_Fill_In"] = "Please complete the following field"; $txt["Please_Read"] = "Please read"; $txt["Quick_Delete"] = "Nonsensical entries can be deleted immediately using the following link"; $txt["Reason"] = "Reason"; $txt["Remind_Date"] = "Reminder for appointment on:"; $txt["Reserve_App"] = "Book appointment(s)"; $txt["grund"] = "Reason for booking"; $txt["Reserve_Reason"] = "Reason for booking"; $txt["Save"] = "Save"; $txt["Save_Changes"] = "Save changes"; $txt["Select"] = "Select"; $txt["Send"] = "Send"; $txt["Send_Password"] = "Send password e-mail  to user"; $txt["Show_Month"] = "Show month"; $txt["Sure_Delete"] = "Do you really want to delete this/these appointment(s)?"; $txt["Sure_Delete_Field"] = "Do you really want to delete this form field?"; $txt["Sure_Delete_Customer"] = "Delete the following customer from the database? Remember this action will delete all this customer's appointments."; $txt["Street"] = "Street"; $txt["Thank_You"] = "Thank you."; $txt["This_Week"] = "     This week     "; $txt["Welcome_Admin"] = "Welcome to the Organizer Administrative Area."; $txt["Yes"] = "Yes"; $txt["Yes_Sure"] = "Yes, I'm sure"; $txt["Your_Datas"] = "Here is your data"; $txt["Your_Appointment"] = "You have"; $txt["Your_App"] = "Your appointment is on"; $txt["At"] = "at"; $txt["Selected"] = "selected"; $txt["Select_Customer"] = "Please select a customer"; $txt["grund"] = "Reason for booking"; $txt["details"] = "Details"; $txt["name"] = "Name"; $txt["strasse"] = "Street, house number"; $txt["stadt"] = "Zip code, town"; $txt["telefon"] = "Telephone"; $txt["email"] = "E-mail"; $txt["kommentar"] = "Comment text"; $txt["passwort"] = "Password"; $txt["geburtsdatum"] = "Date of birth"; $txt["customer_db"] = "Table 1: Customers"; $txt["settings_db"] = "Table 2: Settings"; $txt["appointment_db"] = "Table 3: Appointments"; $txt["temp_db"] = "Table 4: Temporary appointments"; $txt["database_host"] = "Database host"; $txt["database_name"] = "Database name"; $txt["database_password"] = "Database password"; $txt["database_user"] = "Database username"; $txt["admin_password"] = "Administrator password"; // 13. September 2002 $txt["Add_New_Customer"] = "Add New Customer"; $txt["Administration_Area"] = "Administration Area"; $txt["Appointment_List"] = "Appointment List"; $txt["Configuration_Note"] = "Note that the main part of configuration will have to made in the file 'inc/config.php'."; $txt["Customer_List"] = "Customer List"; $txt["de"] = "Deutsch"; $txt["en"] = "English"; $txt["Form_Field_Configurator"] = "Form Field creator"; $txt["Email_Settings"] = "E-Mail Settings"; $txt["Forgot_Password"] = "Forgot your password?"; $txt["Forgot_Password_Note"] = "The e-mail address is used for verification only. If it matches the address in the database, the password is sent."; $txt["Home"] = "Home"; $txt["Hours"] = "Hours"; $txt["Minutes"] = "Minutes"; $txt["Week_Overview"] = "Week Overview"; $txt["Area"] = "Area"; $txt["Set"] = "Select"; $txt["Log_Out"] = "Logout"; // $txt["Birthdate_Code"] = "DD.MM.YYYY"; $txt["Birthdate_Code"] = ""; $txt["Edit"] = "Edit"; $txt["Description_Email_Settings"] = "At this point, you can check the mode of operating of the following two functions. For the files to run automatically, a cronjob has to be set up on your server."; $txt["Schedule_An_Appointment"] = "Schedule An Appointment"; $txt["Set_Capacities"] = "Set Appointment Areas"; $txt["Settings"] = "Settings"; $txt["Start_Remind_Email"] = "Release appointment reminder e-mails"; $txt["Start_Birthday_Email"] = "Release birthday e-mails"; //30. October 2002 $txt["it"] = "Italiano"; $txt["Own_Password_Note"] = "If you do not set a password, a password will be generated automatically by the script."; $txt["Install_Begin_Note"] = "

Before you install the script please ensure that the directory 'inc' is writable (chmod 777).
If in the folder 'inc' exists a file named 'db.inc.php' please also ensure that the file is
writable (chmod 777) or remove the file 'inc/db.inc.php'.

Please complete all fields carefully and completely. And please pay attention to
capitalization (all data are case sensitive). It is important that the database you
wish to use has already been created and that you have access to it. If you are
not sure, contact your internet service provider or system administrator for help
with these database administration tasks. In any event you can contact us at:

"; $txt["From_Today"] = "from today"; $txt["All_Time"] = "all"; $txt["Appointments"] = "Appointments"; // 05. November 2002 $txt[Field_Type_Radio] = "Radio buttons"; // Weekdays (long format) (beginning with Sunday) $weekday_long = array ( "Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday", "Friday","Saturday" ); // Weekdays (short format) (beginning with Sunday) $weekday_short = array ( "Su","Mo","Tu","We","Th", "Fr","Sa" ); // Months (long format) $months_long = array( "January", "February", "March", "April", "May","June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November","December" ); // Months (short format) $months_short = array( "Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun", "Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec" ); ?> Katconet.com - Schedule Organizer
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