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We have a vast knowledge of IRS and State rules, guidelines and criteria for the approval of tax relief programs. You will not be required to fill out complex and confusing forms, or decipher books and pamphlets on Internal Revenue Codes and Statutes. That is our job.
Aggressive IRS and State collection activities normally stop while your case is being handled by us. This means that shortly after we’ve taken your case, you can stop worrying about tax liens, garnishment of wages, seizure of bank accounts or assets.

We have a number of services related to the resolution of Federal (IRS) and most State tax problems. Solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs and situation. Some of our services are:

  • Tax Professional Representation
  • Arranging a Livable Payment Plan
  • Stopping IRS Seizures, Wage Garnishments or Threats of Seizure
  • Removal or Recovery of Tax Penalties and Interest
  • Help with 941 Payroll Taxes
  • Reduced Tax Settlement Through An Offer in Compromise
  • ...

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