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Our mission is to provide the lowest interest rate, and to provide the highest level of attention and care to meet the needs of each client.

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Current Rates
Loan Type Rate APR Points Comments
Conforming 30 Year Fixed 5.875 6.113 1.875 30 Day Rate Lock. Min Loan=$250,000.
Conforming 30 Year Fixed No-points 6.25 6.313   Rate & Term. Min Loan=$250,000
Conforming 30 Year Fixed No-points No-fees 6.375 6.400   30 Day Rate Lock. Min.Loan=$275,000
Conforming 15 Year Fixed 5.25 5.442 1.5 30 Day Rate Lock. Min Loan=$260,000
Conforming 15 Year Fixed No-points 5.625 5.683   30 Day Rate Lock.Min Loan=$275,000
Conforming 15 Year Fixed No-points No-fees 5.875 5.897   30 Day Rate Lock. Min Loan=$275,000
Conforming 30 Year First Time Home Owner 6.25 6.313 0.0  
Conforming 11th District Cost of Funds 2.45 6.605 0.000  
Conforming 3/1 Adjustable 4.625 4.626 0.0 Min Loan= $250,000; LTV<=70%; impounds;25 Day Lock
... etc.

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